Another great face-to-face visit with the third graders and high school students.  This time, however, the venue was the third grade room at Lewis & Clark Elementary School.  Students were introduced to the actual project they will be working on and a description of the final project, the historical documentary, was explained.

Students also discovered what all of the "mystery people" had in common.  All of these people were children in 1883 when Missoula, Montana officially became a town.  They will use primary sources and oral interviews to reconstruct life in Missoula County in the late 19th century through the eyes of children living at that time.  In performing their research, they will visit local historic sites, examine photos, family histories, letters and diaries; and conduct interviews.

After students conduct their research, they will analyze, organize, and present what they have learned to other students, parents, members of the community through the production of short video documentaries of each person they research.

Following are images from this visit while students were research three questions.
  1. When did Missoula officially become a town?
  2. When did Missoula get its first Mayor?
  3. When did the first Northern Pacific passenger train finally enter Missoula?
Finally students looked to see what the people had in common with these dates.

Students discovered in their research that one thing that all of the people had in common was that they were all children during 1883, when Missoula, got it's first Mayor and when the first Northern Pacific passenger train came to Missoula.



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