Today the high school teachers and students met with Mrs. Petty to discuss the project, go over the guidelines for cross-age peer mentors and the schedule.  We also talked about how we would communicate and collaborate using Google docs and Skype.

These high school students should have a basic background knowledge of Missoula history and should have the following skills:
  • how to perform Internet searches
  • how to locate and analyze primary sources
  • how to use collaboration tools such as Google docs, Skype, Dropbox, etc.
  • how to use Library research tools (Microfilm readers, Northwest Digital Archives search engine, genealogical search engines)
  • how to use Google Earth
  • how to use a GPS unit
  • how to use a camera to take still photos and video recordings
  • how to conduct an oral history interview
  • how to create a photostory/video
  • how to role-play an individual from the perspective of that person
Mrs. Petty gave a summary of the project, and discussed the goals and objectives.  She said that her third grades students were very excited about the project.  With this said, she spent some time going over the guidelines for cross-age peer mentors.  She explained to to the high schools students that they are powerful role models to the third graders.  She explained that they need to model positive behavior and attitudes and that it is quite possible for her students to develop a "crush" on them.  She explained that if this were to happen, that they should maintain a professional distance between themselves and the third grader.  She went on to explain appropriate physical contact and interaction outside of school with the third graders.

You will find all of the documents related to the discussion from today under Documents.



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